Eugene Gorny (e_g) wrote,
Eugene Gorny

Хороший Малый

(Read long time ago, remembered lose-lose/win-win opposition, have found it now.)

Russia for the most part has always been a lose/lose society, where individuals agree to endure suffering in exchange for the right to cause others to suffer.

The cover of the book shows a statue of Lenin eating a hamburger, and it illustrates the book's main conclusion: we gave Russia the hamburger, which is a symbol of capitalist consumption, but not a symbol of freedom and creativity. The real foundation of capitalism is the opportunity to create and to benefit from your creation, and this is what most Russians still lack. Russia did bite off a piece of capitalism, but its facial expression did not change: it is still inanimate, frozen in a lose/lose mentality that prevents democracy, private property, individual rights, and free enterprise from taking root.

--- Matthew Maly. Russia As It Is: Transformation of a Lose/Lose Society., 2003.
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