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I'm not sure what I should write, but I'm sure what I should do

Отдал 10 баксов в поддержку Википедии. Все же пользуюсь ею практически каждый день. Трудно найти более вдохновляющий пример эффективной самоорганизации и коллективного творчества в сети, да и, возможно, за ее пределами. Любопытно, что когда встал вопрос о коммерциализации, Википедия нашла способ не продавать свою аудиторию и не паразитировать на ней и сохранила свободу, независимость и чистоту. С ЖЖ, увы, так не получилось. Помимо саморегуляции сообщества, важны, конечно, и лидеры. В русской сети есть Носик, Лебедев, Ашманов и легион прочих предпринимателей, торговцев и монетизаторов, а вот никого подобного Джимми Уэлсу, к сожалению, нет. Родился он в 1966 году, а живет, между прочим, в Петербурге, штат Флорида.

Про феномен Вики написано много. Вот, например, познавательная книга: Andrew Lih. The Wikipedia Revolution: How a Bunch of Nobodies Created the World's Greatest Encyclopedia.

Из комментариев пользователей, поддержавших Википедию:

There has not been a day for the past 4 years that I have not used Wikipedia to obtain certain information, now is my turn, thanks.
Well I donated a very small amt but as they say 'Every drop makes an ocean' :-)
Thanks for all of the great information.
Keep up the great work, You guys rock.
Spread the knowledge!
I like the way Wikipedia facilitates decentralized authority and co-constructed knowledge.
Shared responsibility includes individual action.
Because life wouldn't be the same without Wikipedia!
There is something very moving to me about a site where so many people are involved in providing such good information for free. Perhaps there is hope for humanity afterall. I use Wikipedia daily.
A small contribution in an effort to save the immense source of knowledge for the future generations too.
I just lost my job, but I rely on you to keep doing yours every day.
Knowledge must flow.
I just bought an unlimited, lifetime encyclopedia set for $10 - the greatest bargain of my life.
You're changing the world.
I pay so that information may be free for all.
A great example of the power of community, and that when folks work together it can create more than the sum of its parts.
As important as our energy resources!
Wiki has been a godsend on many occasions; I don't want to be without it.
Why is it that we have no problem shelling out $20 bucks at the movie theatre for 90 minutes of uninspired drivel, and yet we find it difficult to pay for a service we rely upon everyday?
Competition leads to innovation, but cooperation leads to lasting good. Wikipedia is great. May it last a long time.
Give away money, and found out knowledge.
A small price for a great website.
After gaining so much knowledge from Wikipedia, I thought I would help in a small way.
Other people's comments were so moving I felt I had to give more.
The monetary amount is small, yet my support is sincere.
I'm not sure what I should write, but I'm sure what I should do.
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