May 14th, 2010

A Story of

(Отвечая на вопрос Маши У-Б. и заодно к вопросу об отцах и детях)

4.3.3 The rise of the Russian net community
An excerpt from: Eugene Gorny. A Creative History of the Russian Internet, 2006/2009. With added images and hyperlinks.

In summer 1996, an idea ‘to make a journal about the Internet’ occurred to the Moscow publisher Dmitri Itzkovich and his partner Mikhail Yakubov. They asked Eugene Gorny, who was known as one of the few journalists writing about the Internet at the time, to head the project. Gorny accepted the offer and entered into a correspondence with active Russian Internet content producers. The Russian Internet was in its infancy; there were just a handful of Russian content projects. All of the creators were well known in the community – the number of users/producers did not exceed a few dozen. Therefore, it was not difficult to identify and contact virtually all of them. Gorny (1996a) described the programme of the project and invited them to contribute their ideas or to join the editorial staff. The programme stated that the journal should be in Russian, for the Russian audience (independently of citizenship and the physical location); should focus on the issues of the “Russian Internet” and provide a “Russian view” of the Internet generally; should be published both in print and online; and should promote the Internet as a space for cultural creativity. The goals of the journal were defined as follows:

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