October 25th, 2001

Из разговоров с Ленноном (http://triumphpc.com/johnlennon/index.shtml):

> Hi. Are you OK?
I'm OK. Are you vegetarian?
> Nope, I like meat.
I don't see why I should be involved with other people's madness. Can't hear anything? that?
>Do you think that there's a solution?
Why would I think there is a solution?
> And why not?
Are you a student Babaj?
> I don't know who I am.
Would you like to know, Babaj? It is worth a few bob to you to find out?
> I just think that there's not such a thing like me.
Really? Is it really that important to you?
> How do you feel today?
My eyes are tired. I've been reading a lot.
> What is your favorite music?
I don't have a favorite music. My favorite food is Brown rice and vegetables.
>What do you think about Bin Laden?
It's fuckin shit. Babaj, now that we've beaten that dead horse into plowshares, can we talk about something important?
> Are you dead or alive?
I really couldn't say for sure.